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Hello, my name is Tom, I’m a designer & maker. I’m currently based in Leeds in the United Kingdom.

Having practiced my craft for close to a decade, I consider myself highly skilled across the spectrum of design – keenly focused on branding and web / app design.

Building my own ideas under the moniker of Bound led me to upskill in several areas including social media managing & website development allowing me to quickly build MVP’s – it’s allowed me to think in a whole new way about projects.

I’m currently available for project, contract and full-time opportunities with brands & businesses of all sizes who are passionate about what they do.


Brand & Identity / Illustration / Print / Packaging / Web Design / WordPress / User Interface Design / User Experience Design / Social Media Management / Creative Direction / Project Management / Animation / Video Editing

If you have bespoke requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out and see how we can make an impact together – Get in touch.


Mr.CUP Letterpress Calendar 2017 / Computer Arts Magazine : Issue 266 / Behance Branding Served (x3) / Behance Education Gallery (x2) / Behance Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Creative Jam contestant 2015

CreativeBloq / FPO ( Under Consideration )  /  Graphic Exchange / LogoMarked / From Up North


  • So I took part in @techstars @startupweekend and our team winning this made me staying up 40 hours very much worth it. 
A brilliant experience and can't wait to take on the next round. 
I'm proud of everyone in our team who leaned on eachother, was patient and kept their enthusiasm the entire time. 
Regardless of your skillset, if you want to have a crack at building something with others, please give yourself a shot at it, you don't know where it may take you!

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  • Wandering around Hamburg last month, I’m a sucker for cool lighting...
  • I’m not usually someone to talk about stuff like this but it’s been 3 years since my dad passed away. 
There were times when we weren’t the closest and times I really regret not giving him more attention. I often think that if he was still around we’d probably be a lot closer and get along a lot more. Even though we were distant at times, we’d always have a great chat - it’s just a shame we didn’t speak much when you passed. 
I have him to thank for my “creative flair” and inventive mind. He was talented and clever and I wish that more people had seen that. I often remember him helping me come up with crazy inventions, or showing me amazing music on the infamous minidisc player. He was always backing whatever I was into at the time and would always tell me that he was proud.

He would mark all his work with this cool signature that I’ve always been jealous of, so I thought I’d vectorise it to make sure I didn’t lose it, take it easy!
  • Got far too many shots from Hamburg sat in my photos, here was one I took, we found a cafe and I tried falafel for the first time and it didn’t suck...
  • This came out nice, what you don’t see is how annoyed she was getting at me making her stand in this light so I could get the shot right.. It was great meeting this one for the first time after a year building @thedesignersleague together was amazing, thanks again for putting up with me and for showing me how wonderful Germany is and reminding me how shit the U.K. is!
  • Here’s me trying really hard to make you hungry. 





1x EGG (give it a poke for that money shot)

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  • A lil Monday memory because I’m laid up in bed right now Ill. A throwback when ya boy and @jacklchandler had a minute thinking we were urban explorers until we got caught “going to our car” in an empty car park on the rooftop. Guard informed us the car park was closed and our car was in-fact not there & in the end realised it was a pathetic attempt to grab a photo and allowed us the privilege at the small cost of looking complete fools 😛👌🏻 #forthegram #triedtoohard #vscocam #leeds
  • Midday brunch with @startstartingup talking about our ventures and imparting wisdom to one another (may I add he had much more to give!) I love spending time with other entrepreneurial people, it’s so important to learn from one another. If you ever want to meet for a coffee, And I’m not too busy, I’ll always make time!

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